Welcome to ShaharC Easy Peasy Riddle (The Reboot)

Hi y'all and welcome to my very first easy peasy riddle.

Before we begin, a free warning - this riddle is not as easy peasy as its name would suggest.
It started that way, but pretty soon got a life of its own, and apparently it can get a bit hard on some levels.
Still, with some dedication, a lot of common sense, and several hints now and then on the relevant forums, the end can be reached.

This riddle was influenced by so many great others, so you may recognize here several recurring motifs. Still, I've been trying to give it some of my own personal loving caring touch.

For those of you who still don't know the drill - here are the basic rules:

1. First of all, Don't Panic!

2. Your objective is to progress from one level to the next by finding an answer and placing it in the url.

3. Enter the answer in the url in the format https://shaharc.000webhostapp.com/easypeasy/answer.html
    If you're right, you'll get to the next level. If you're wrong - you will get a 404 page. No worries, just go back and try something else.

4. The answers will contain lowercase letters and digits only. No need for spaces, punctuation marks and other fluff.

5. In many levels you will have to highlight the page or check the source in order to get further hints and information.

6. In some levels, your previous answer or images names will hint you on how to get to the next one.

7. Google and Wikipedia are your friends. Use them wisely.

OK, so why are we still standing here flapping our mouths off like two chickens at a barbecue party. Currently there are 50 levels waiting for you to be solved. Let's get going...